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Paddock Blade Europe
Bobbie Mitchell
Amazing time saver

So I have a very hilly 10 acre pasture that would take me and my daughter days to clean . But just days after winter broke and snow melted and dried up I clean the pasture by myself , with just about 6 loads and now more than an hour and half of my time .. the pastures was all clean up from over two months of waiting with winter !

Hey Bobbie! Thanks for being such a legend and taking time to leave us your feedback. So many people as us if they work on hills and this review will help them see that it does.

Enjoy all the extra time you have to do the things you love :)

Paddock Blade Europe
Kevin Frazier
Amazed Customer

My wife has been cleaning her multiple acres by hand for years. She is very detailed on horse paddocks. I saw her work ethic and time spent on cleaning manure. As a supportive husband I purchased the Paddock Blade. She was actually surprised and used it day one. She immediately saved three hours first use. Her review is two thumbs up. My review is a happy wife happy life and the customer service was excellent.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to leave us a review Kevin. I'm Jake (the same guy you see in the videos) and I personally wanted to let you know much your feedback made my day!

Our family business has been making and selling this product for the last 8 years and I'm pleased our family could bring some value to yours.... as they say happy wife happy life :)

Enjoy all the time and effort it saves you!

Paddock Blade Europe
Brooke @ Ancient Oaks Farm
Great for cows too!

We run a small cattle operation and love our Paddock Blade! We use it in our horse pastures but were truly surprised at how great it works in the cow pastures as well. Definitely a lifesaver! It can be a bit heavy when it’s full but that’s nothing a broom or shovel can’t fix before I tip it to dump it out.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Brooke! We're thrilled to hear that the blade has been a lifesaver for your cow pastures too!

So many people ask us about it working for cows too, so this review and video will be really helpful to them!. We appreciate your feedback on the weight when it's full, as you said nothing a broom or shovel can't handle.

Happy Paddock Blading Brooke!
Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Europe
Britnee Stevens
Lifesaving piece of equipment

Paddock Blade has been a lifesaver for me! No more hours of back breaking labor picking paddocks by hand. I can now clean the entire property in less than the amount of time it used to take me to clean ONE pasture! I have used it in multiple places and have always been impressed! Thanks Paddock Blade! :)

Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a review!

We are thrilled to hear that our Paddock Blade has been a lifesaver for you and has made cleaning your property so much easier and quicker. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective equipment for our customers, and we are happy to know that it has impressed you in multiple settings.

Thank you for choosing Paddock Blade and for your support Britnee!
Team Paddock Blade

Paddock blade is fantastic

The paddock blade is a must-have for anyone with a medium to large farm. It works like a dream, emptied easily, and has NO MOVJNG PARTS that need to be maintained. Love this piece of equipment, can’t believe a lived without it for so long.

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with your blade!

We're thrilled to hear that the Paddock blade has been such a fantastic addition to your farm. We're glad it has made your job easier and that you appreciate its low maintenance design. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to serve you well.

Happy Paddock Blading Beverley!
Team Paddock Blade

Great even with wet ground and leaves

We just got our Paddock Blade and had to try it even if our weather was not cooperating. It worked great ! Can't wait to try it when it is dry out .

We love your pluck and are thrilled to hear that our Paddock Blade worked well for you even in less than ideal weather conditions!

We hope it continues to impress you when the ground is dry.

Happy paddock cleaning!
Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Europe
Christine N.
Every horse owner needs this!!

This is the horse worlds best kept secret! I spent 4 months wondering if this was real?? IT IS!!!! If you have even 1 horse then you must have this! I have a 30 stall boarding barn and I am still shocked over how much labor time cleaning pastures I am going to save!!! Should have bother this sooner and I should have taken a “before” picture!

Thank you for your glowing review Christine.

We are so happy to hear that our product has been a game changer for your 30 stall boarding barn. It's always a pleasure to hear that our customers, we really care about you guys and love seeing tangible benefits from using our product!

We appreciate your recommendation and are happy to have been a part of streamlining your pasture cleaning process!

Thank you for choosing Paddock Blade Christine!
Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Europe
Lisa Westerlund
After all these years I have a new favorite tool!

I got my paddock blade three days ago and it has already saved me so much work it’s crazy! It’s actually fun to use😀

We LOVE making paddock cleaning fun
Enjoy the good times and the time and effort it saves you Lisa!
Thank you
Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Europe
Laura Colbert
Arrived damaged, but they took care of me!!

My first blade arrived with some damage. I contacted the company and they promptly had the blade picked up and a new one on its way. They were wonderful to work with on this issue. The second blade got hung up in transport, so I reached out once again and they very quickly got things lined out for delivery. The delivery itself then was delayed, and I was unable to reach the carrier myself, so once again they reached out, found the driver, and was able to tell me what time my item would arrive that day. ( I had to be present for the delivery) I'll get to try the blade tomorrow, but I wanted to report that the customer service I received with these isses was FANTASTIC. Best customer support that I have experienced in a long time, and I really appreciate it. I have no doubt that the blade will perform as expected, that's why I didn't wait to use it to write this.

Thank you for taking time out your day to leave us your feedback Laura! Every single member of our valued team do our very best everyday in everyway. Sometimes issues come up that are out of control, such as the one's that happened with your order. We always do everything we can to put it right and make sure our customers are happy!

We are thrilled to have achieved this for you, and grateful for you patience and understanding. We're sure you'll find the blade just as outstanding as our customer service!

Paddock Blade Europe

My first try wasn’t sure if it would work -what a lifesaver!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Donna! We are pleased to have exceeded your expectations!

Paddock Blade Europe
Stephanie Sheets
Great product!

Delivery was ridiculously fast (which was great because I was so excited to try it)! Hooked it right up without issue and it was scooping poop within 5 minutes of unboxing. It’s so easy even my 10 year old can use it! Seriously can’t say enough about this product! Thank you Paddock Blade!

We pride ourselves on fast delivery and easy setup. With all orders leaving our US factories within 24 hours and zero setup time, just unpack and your good to go!

We're glad to hear that even your 10 year old can use it with ease. We love making paddock cleaning quick and easy for all ages and abilities!

Thank you for choosing Paddock Blade and happy scooping!
Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Europe
Shelly Kettler
Great tool

The paddock blade is very efficient to use. I can empty it by myself. It is a very useful tool to have. It was also delivered about 48 hours after I ordered it!

Thank you for the kind review! We're glad to hear that our Paddock Blade has been efficient and useful for you. We always strive to deliver orders quickly and we're happy to hear we met your expectations. Happy paddocking Shelly!

Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Europe
Natalie Lewis
This is the best invention ever!

I used my paddock blade for the first time yesterday and wow, this is the best invention ever! It took me 15 minutes to completely clean a paddock, that would usually take me well over an hour to do if done by hand. The customer service is exceptional and due to an extended wait for manufacture, I was offered a refund of $100 for any inconvenience caused. This suggests to me that the team at paddock blade care more about customer satisfaction than they do their bottom line. I highly recommend this product and the company!

Thank you for your kind words and recommendation! We are thrilled to hear that our paddock blade has made such a positive impact on your paddock cleaning process. We always strive to provide exceptional customer service, and we are glad to hear it did not go unnoticed. Thank you for choosing Paddock Blade, and we hope to continue exceeding your expectations Natalie!

Team Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade USA

Absolutely love it! Cuts down harrow time, easy to use, outstanding quality. Took a while to get the blade, but customer service was amazing, and they stayed in touch with me to let me know where it was with shipping etc. Very pleased.

Hey T!

Thank you so much for leaving a review, we appreciate you taking a little time out your day! We're so pleased to hear that you love it and that it has made harrowing easier for you.

We understand that the wait for the blade may have been a bit long, but we're glad that our customer service team was able to keep you updated on its shipping status. We appreciate your business and hope to continue providing you with outstanding quality products. Have a great day!

Have a wonderful day!
Team Paddock Blade USA

It works awesome!

We got our new Paddock Blade! It works awesome! Highly recommend! I was wondering if I'd be able to tip it up to dump it by myself but I can! I'm a happy girl💜💜

Thanks for the review and even more so for the video Kim. We love to see the blade in action. It's typically never as hard to empty as people think it is :)

Keep on being awesome and have a great one!
Team Paddock Blade USA